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Michael Worthington, JD, MBA

My name is Michael Worthington, and I'm an experienced attorney based in Los Angeles. I run the Interactive Law Center, a resource for people like you who need legal help -- including assistance with their financial problems. I've been a practicing California attorney for over 30 years and I have the added qualification of an MBA from UCLA.  What the experts at the Center do is analyze your situation and then connect you with the legal, paralegal or counseling help you deserve. Getting the right advice is the first step on the road to recovery. So you owe it to yourself to see what we can do.

  •      Attorney Michael Worthington founded the Interactive Law Center (ILC) in 1995.
  •     Mr. Worthington has over 30 years of experience in bankruptcy law, both personal and small business.
  •     We have an easy access service location near the government center at 14350 Victory Bl. in Van Nuys with free parking
  •    Our main office has been at 15760 Ventura Blvd, 7th Floor in Encino since 1991.
  •    With a diverse background that includes extensive business and litigation experience, Mr. Worthington is able to identify the best approach to deal with different kinds of financial difficulties.


"I consulted the Interactive Law Center after losing my job and becoming completely unable to pay my credit cards. All I could handle were my first and second trust deeds and meager living expense. I spoke to a couple of loan sharks who I could see were going to make my situation worse. Fortunately, before making a huge mistake by going with them, I was referred to Michael Worthington. He determined what my credit limits were in light of the lower income from my current job. He was able to arrange a swing loan based on the substantial equity in my home. The people I owed money were held off until I was able to refinance.  The negotiations with my creditors resulted in settlements that were half of what I originally owed, and I was able to avoid bankruptcy."
Kerry H.

 "I was having trouble maintaining a steady income in my self employment and there were legal problems regarding the title to the family home which belonged to my husband but could have been claimed by my creditors in a bankruptcy case. I secured the services of Michael Worthington and he immediately sent letters to my creditors that got them off my back while he charted my way clear of the title issue. In the course of negotiations Michael was able to retire a huge unsecured debt on which I faced immediate lawsuit. This gave me more time to plan and prepare withiout having to defend the legal action. Then when the time was right I did file a Chapter 7 so I can obtain a discharge on the rest of my debt, giving me a fresh start. Now I can grow my business without interference from creditors. Thank you Michael."
Kristy K.

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