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Legal Services

If you are involved in a legal matter in a practice area listed below you will find useful information about the subject by clicking on the links.

To make an inquiry, please send an e-mail from any of the "contact us" links. Briefly describe what we can do for you.  By leaving a phone number, we may be better able to serve you.  

You may also call toll free at

 (800) 777 2552 

Whatever method you choose, we'll give you a prompt, considered reply, including help in finding lawyers or other professionals who can assist  with the problem.

I. Bankruptcy: We utilize a comprehensive approach

 "How to Get the Help You Need to Escape From Overwhelming Debt" .   

"Some Effects of Bankruptcy_Reform_Legislation"

II.  California Workers' Compensation:

What an Injured Worker Should Know About California Workers' Compensation

This information is useful for California workers who are either considering filing or already have filed a claim of work injury.  We have handled claims on behalf of workers who suffer from injuries on the job for over thirty year. Unlike many other attorneys who work in this area, we do not reject stress claims just because they're harder to prove.

California Job Stress

If your injury includes stress at work, you'll want to review these special defenses that were put in place to make it harder for you to accomplish a recovery, so you can properly plan and prepare.

Workers' Compensation Frequently Asked Questions -

Once your case has begun, these are the questions our clients most often have and some concise answers we've prepared.