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Michael Worthington Bio

MICHAEL WORTHINGTON( holds a Bachelor's Degree from UC Berkeley in Conservation of Natural Resources (1970), a law degree from San Fernando Valley College of Law (1976) and an MBA from UCLA (1992). Mr. Worthington has over 30 years experience as an attorney.

Mr. Worthington is an experienced trial attorney, having conducted numerous  court and jury trials, including one five week trial for fraud that resulted in a million dollar jury verdict   - (Halpern v Nelson, LASC 161229).

Mr. Worthington's general litigation background has emphasized employment law with particular experience handling wrongful  termination and discrimination cases in both state and federal courts under Title VII (and the California equivalent, Fair Employment and Housing Act), Age Discrimination, Americans with Disabilities and the Employees' Retirement Income and Security Act known as ERISA.

Workers' compensation practice is an integral part of employment law, often constituting the client's sole remedy when his/her relations with an employer  turn sour. The Worthington Law Office carefully reviews all issues raised by  its employee clients, identifies the best form(s) of relief and sets the correct course of action from the outset.

Attorney Worthington represents debtors in both consumer and small business bankruptcy matters. He is adept at handling reorganization cases under Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 as well as Chapter 7 liquidations and any adversary litigation that might arise in the course of a bankruptcy.

With the additional qualification of an MBA degree,  Mr. Worthington is frequently engaged as a consultant to small businesses. He  offers a full range of business law services in formation, operations, buy-sell agreements, stock option plans, joint ventures and alliances, and human resources.

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