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Social Media

The Interactive Law Center has established a presence on a number of favorite social media sites.  These facilities have become crucial as a means of interaction among all interested parties and for timely, well organized, appropriately screened communications.

 FACEBOOK is a highly evolved social site that was initially adopted by the youth generation .  More recently it has become possible to establish business Pages and to attract “Fans”.  Obviously, this concept works best for entertainment and sports professionals but there’s no reason it can’t be adapted as a way to stay in touch with your favorite lawyer and connected to a very useful, plain language legal web site.

   TWITTER has been described by some reviewers as ill suited to the legal profession.  We disagree.  It’s easy to tune in and out, and if you’re interested in receiving announcements about legal matters of interest to you, what better way than to follow the Interactive Law Center news feed where announcements are made which might be important to keeping you current?

    LINKED IN is less about social and more about business.  This is a great place to establish and develop lasting relationships without trivia.  

    NING is the location for our network and groups.  Follow the link to become a member, join by clicking the badge at the bottom right side of the page.